One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season, is to drive around at night and see all the light displays.  It reminds me of the long ago night when God entered this world as a newborn child and a beautiful star heralded His appearing.        God is so often speaking to us.  The heavens do declare the glory of God, The mountains do cry out and the Oceans roar.  One of my favorite songs for the Season is “O Holy Night.”  I love the line…

He appeared and the soul felt its worth

Do we remember back to when our faith was new and fresh?  When it was like being dropped into a new world of joy and discovery.  Because God’s Word is living and active, our faith is ever open to growth and inspiration, change and hope.  I can truly say that over the last 40 years of faith, God has not just saved my soul and secured a place for me in heaven, but He has transformed my mind my heart, my personality.  I discover rare gems in His Word almost daily and I feel so rich.  
            That is part of why I started this blog, to share those gems with His Body, and all who should be led to visit this site. Let me quote from a short story assignment I wrote for writing class about ten years ago:

If only the world itself would quietly rest and enjoy
the many and varied concerts that our Creator provides for us all
perhaps we’d see Him break in upon our world with
the same wonder of that Night so long ago immortalized
in songs of “Silent Night and “It came upon the midnight clear”
He is ever with us, He is always speaking
It is we who have become too busy to pause and look around 
to Be still and know that He is God
We must look up and see with our own eyes that 
The heavens declare the Glory of God
That Day to Day pours forth speech
and night to night reveals knowledge
There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard

He is ever reaching out to us, speaking to us through His Word and His creation.  
Let us pause and listen, quiet ourselves and watch.  He fills us with wonder whenever we take the time to sit before Him.  
May you all have a blessed day in Him

Published by eloracseniah@aol.com

May God's Truth prevail and Love triumph, where we have failed. Amen

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