By: Carole L. Haines


I don’t know why so many associate the color blue with sadness

It’s  my favorite color

The color of sky, which colors the lakes

And oceans a fabulous blue or turquoise

Blue is the color of hope to me

After being under a gray misty cloud of

More than a week of rain

Blue is the color of “This too shall pass”

Like the sky letting me know,

“I’m still here!”

Hope springs forth in blue.

Purple seems to be joy

Red seems to be excitement

Yellow…happiness, of course

Orange just looks like it would taste good

But now blue…blue is the color of Hope

Perhaps people associate blue with sadness because of the music

Blues music, singing me the blues

Stuff like that, who knows

But after this horrendous week of cold drizzly rain

To wake up and see even patches of blue shining through

Sent a spine tingle of relief through my whole being.

Perhaps that is why Blue is my favorite color of Christmas lights too.

It reminds me of God’s unfathomable love

He knew before the foundations of the world that we would screw things up

Yet He made us anyway

God created His object of love

And then stepped down into their world to die

In our place, to redeem the human race

I was born… to be born again

Born to be transformed

Born again into a Living Hope

I was born into a blue world of hope

On Thanksgiving day 1963

 Yup…Blue is good

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