Desert blooms

God truly makes all things new.  But sometimes we need to experience extreme times of drought or what appears to be barrenness.  i have been going through a time like that for quite awhile.  I had no idea how long this winter of my life would last when it began, but it’s been a long one.  God showed me a truth quite a few years ago and I put it into a song.  If I figure out how to do it, I’ll link the actual song for people to listen to.  For now, here are the words.

Desert Blooms

by: Carole L. Haines

Lying in the Desert, withered from the heat,

waiting for the Breath of God, to breathe life into me

Treasures of the darkness, hidden from the light

teaching me to walk by faith, forsaking human sight

At the surface I seem dormant, to some I might seem dead

But God is doing hidden things, within my life instead

Desert blooms , so rarely seen, so precious to behold

Desert blooms will soon come forth as has been foretold


As the rain and snow come down, watering the earth

God’s Words reach into this sand, causing sudden birth

hidden from the naked eye, carefully I’m molded

Held within my Master’s Hand, precious and enfolded

at the surface I seem lifeless, like a leafless tree

But God is doing hidden things deep inside of me

Desert blooms are colorful and more precious, for the wait

My life is hidden in Jesus Christ, and He will not forsake


Here I am so Thirsty Lord, Here I wait so worn

weary of the desert sands, I await Your storm

I yearn for Living Water, to satisfy my drink

I await Your breakthrough, standing on the brink.

Jesus, only you can bring release, You are my strong right hand

Lift my head and make me flourish, in these desert sands

Shallow once, my roots spread out into a fertile soil

But now my roots are searching deep, for Your wine and healing oil

for Your wine and Healing oil

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