There’s something about the Wind


a Poem by: carole L. haines

There’s something about the Wind, O Lord, that makes me worship You

Its majesty, Its strength, its song, How it blows and never tires, never sleeps

It carries clouds and lifts the birds, and causes trees to dance

I am entranced, every Windy Day

The Wind calls me, it beckons me to come outside and play

 “Feel my forceful sway, hear My might roar, breathe in the fragrance that I bear”

I am Wild, I am Free, nothing can harness me

Like You, Lord, Like You, the Wind is Mystery

and You are fierce, Lord, strong and wild, You sweep into my life

and You carry all the clouds, You carry all the clouds away

You lift me as a bird, as an Eagle never tires, You cause my heart to dance and sway

I love to hear Your voice, Your song.  Because of You, Jesus, I am free

Like the wind, I soar to unknown heights, Under the Shadow of Your wings, You carry me

Always there…always strong…Always holding on

The Wind is fragrant with the seasons of life,

Spring flowers, Summer grass, Autumn leaves and Winter fires

You carry all of these to me, and from me, Lord, you yield a harvest

carried to the world outside, an image-bearer of my God, My Savior, My King

And so I sing, and so I sing, and so I sing

There’s something about the Wind, O Lord, that makes me Worship You


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