The Ocean



My husband and I try to have dates each week. He wanted to go see the Ocean yesterday, so we hopped in the car rather late in the day, and were at the Ocean two hours later.  It was cold, but we sat there and just listened, just stared at the waves.  On the way home my husband reflected on why he wanted to go to the Ocean.  Here is basically what he said.

It is amazing how looking at the Ocean puts everything into perspective.  Life is so fragile, ever changing, but the Ocean is so constant.  You never expect to go to the Ocean and have it not be there.  It’s ever there, always constant.  The Ocean reminds me to trust in God, for He is constant, never changing, always there.  Life can be so precarious, so fleeting, fragile and unsteady.  But God is ever trustworthy, strong and I can trust Him to never change, even when life always does.”

We didn’t stay long, for it was quite chilly on the beach, but it was well worth the drive.  It is so good to find God in the natural rhythms of life.  Sunrises, sunsets, seasons, moonscapes, all of these point us to God.  Rainstorms and lightning, glimpses of majestic foxes, rare eagles, peaceful deer; they all point to a Creator, a Savior who is constant.  God can be trusted to keep His promises. What a comfort we can find in nature, about this very thing.

As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat

summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

Genesis 8:22.


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One thought on “The Ocean

  1. I can hear the waves also:):) However, I am not an ocean person. I prefer the moutains – as you knw – and all the words applied to the ocean say what I fell about mountains. Glad to see you are still doing the impromtu trips just like your Dad and I used to do. Blessings, Love, Mom


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