Dad: by Debbie Yohn

* My very good friend lost her day very recently.  She read this poem, that she wrote, at the funeral.  I asked her if I could post it on my blog.  May it bless all those who have recently lost a parent, or person, who was their rock. May God show Himself strong in the midst of your great loss and cradle You in His Mighty, yet gently Arms.

Dad     by Debbie Yohn

Dad- as little girls we would listen to a story

Three pigs, three little houses and one bad wolf

and a moral to this story that fascinated our young hearts

over and over we would listen to the huff and puff and blow your house down

all the while believing in the pretend, and the soft whispers

of a familiar voice reading us our story, before a tuck and kiss for the night.

Now, as an adult, I have watched as the big, bad wolf huffed and puffed with all his might.

Death of parents, daughter and wife.  Dreams of a future that could never be.

Loss of health for a heart that had been broken, separated and never again mended together.

For the tears in the darkness stole so much that should have been…

yet deep in your heart, sealing your soul, is the Love that surpasses understanding.

You had built your house upon The Rock.

Yes, Daddy, the storms of life did come crashing against your little house,

tearing down, but not destroying.  For your were held,,,held by the Hand

that created the universe, and when the winds came, you were sheltered,

when water flooded, you were lifted up, when the darkness hid you in despair

His Light glowed through the foundation of your little house, now so frail.

Now on a machine for breathing, your were so worn from the storms,

yet beaming as a lighthouse, offering hope to all who see.

Daddy, the wolf has huffed and puffed, but he couldn’t huff or puff long enough

or hard enough to make your house fall.  You stood on The Rock

not frightened, not beaten, a warrior with armor shed, ready to meet the One

who held you here on earth.  One last kiss, one last tuck and now rewarded with heaven.

“Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

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