Overshadow me


“The angel replied, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.  So the baby to be born will be holy, and He will be called the Son Of God.” (Luke 1:35)

I have always been intrigued by this passage and the whole idea of the Immaculate conception.  God “overshadowed” Mary in the form of the Holy Spirit and Jesus was conceived in the womb.  As I pondered this in my time alone with Him this morning.  i was led to look up the word “overshadowed” in the original Greek language.  It means:

to cast a shadow, envelop with a cloud, to envelop in a haze of brilliancy, to invest with preternatural influence.”  

As I looked up all the passages where the word is used, I was struck by the fact that God overshadows all of us who are believers with His Holy Spirit.  He invests in us gifts, talents, tendencies, personalities, preferences.  All of this is so that we will be able to desire and do according to His good purposes, His good intentions, His good works. These are set aside for us to do before the foundations of the world( Ephesians 2:8-10).

Overshadowed is used of Peter in Acts 5:15, of Mary in Luke 1:35, and of Jesus in all three accounts of the Mount of transfiguration.  The Lord spoke to the disciples out of the cloud saying, “This is My Beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.  Listen to Him.”

I believe God speaks to us and through us,by His Holy Spirit.  I always say to people, “If you are not in The Word, How can you listen to Him.?  He always uses His Word, the Scriptures to speak to me.”  If you are only praying, but rarely listening to Him through the Word of God, then it’s pretty much a one sided communication.  God desires to overshadow us, to speak to us and through us, to those around us.  He desires to have us listen far more than we speak.  Joyce Meyer once said that someone gave her some good advice at the beginning of her call, “Stay broken and speak only when spoken through.”  Great advice, and a great way to live our lives.  God’s Word is the only one that goes forth with the promises of never returning to us empty, without accomplishing what God has sent it forth to do. (Isaiah 55:8-11)

I believe God claims us as His own through overshadowing.  He lead His people in the Wilderness with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.  We are enveloped in His grace when we believe in Christ, We are endowed with His Spirit when we believe God.   We are empowered to do His Will when we are overshadowed by His Spirit and led by Him and His Word.


Thank You for being You.  Thank You for our Precious Savior, Your Beautiful Son Jesus, and thank You for Your Holy Spirit who overshadows us,seals us, and empowers us to do all You have planned for us to do in Your Kingdom.  We surrender our all to You.  May we bring glory, honor and joy to You in all we say and do

In Jesus Name,  Amen and Amen


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Author and Creator of the HisShadowings.com series and books. You can find these at https://hisshadowings.com/ Be Blessed and encouraged in the Lord Jesus

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