birthmarks of His love and grace

a poem by: carole l.haines


Birthmarks of His Love and Grace

Elora C. Seniah

aka Carole L. Haines

Like wounds that we constantly pick at

yet strive to cover with sleeves or make-up

with “busyness for Christ,”

with the right rituals, the right words

Desperately trying to hide who we used to be

and afraid that we still are

Feeling naked we grab for useless fig leaves

to cover up our private lives

when the Sacrificed Lamb has shed His blood

as an offering of the Robe of His Righteousness

and with this He clothes us

and He applies the wine of His Word

and the Oil of the Spirit

And Worship flows forth as a cleansing stream

carrying me to His River of Dreams

His plans, His will, His ways for me

I now have scars where wounds used to be

and as I leave them alone and yield them to Him

They become healing marks

Birthmarks of His love and Grace


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