We will tell

Psalm 78:4

We will not hide them from our descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power and all the wonders He has done for us.”

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“I’m telling. I’m gonna tell on you!  Just wait ’til I tell __________ what you have done.”  As kids, being “told on” was a very bad thing.  And if you had brothers, sisters, or both; you probably heard this phrase more than you would like to remember.  O, and the fear it would send through your whole being.  Like and electric shock jolting your whole body to stand at attention.  When I was a kid, I got some toast stuck in the toaster, well, I just got a knife and stuck it in to get out the toast.  You can guess what happened next, the shockwave of being electrocuted shot up my arm and nearly knocked me over.  I have never felt such force, it was like being pushed.  Well, that’s how it feels emotionally, as a kid, when some says they are going to tell on us.

I tell you all this, simple to say, I believe we need to get beyond our fear of being told on.  We have a God that wants to be told on.  He wants us to say, “God, I’m gonna tell on you!  I’m gonna tell the next generation of all the wonders you have done for me.”  We need to tell our children, their children.  We need to stop being afraid of what others might think.  They need to hear the wonderful things God is doing in the lives of His people.  I love to listen to tales of how He leads others to Himself.  God is so resourceful.  I recently heard of a woman who was led to share with a complete stranger in a bagel shop.  I heard a preacher on TV say, “In all my years, I have never had anyone react negatively when I have said, “Let me tell you what God has done for me.” That man is over 70 years old and still “telling on God.”

People love personal stories. We all have them.  Stories of how God brought us out a tricky situation, how He corrected us when we were going astray.  We have stories of restoration, stories, of healings, stories of hope, stories of peace that passes understanding.  We can sit in the midst of chaos and still have His peace.  So let’s tell our stories, to each other, to our co-workers, to all the world.

God wants to be “told on,” so let’s do Him the honor.  let us be those lights where God has place us.


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