He appeared


He appeared

a poem by: carole l. haines

Traveling down a road in total darkness

no streetlamps, no headlights, no moon

I find myself groping in the dark, reaching for something

anything to hold on to in this dark

I must shuffle my feet slowly forward, tip-toeing almost

afraid there may lie some chasm that I cannot see

and I should fall in and no one find me ever again

and the loneliness takes on a shape, a shadow

It feels like company, familiar, yet terrifying

Suddenly, off to my right, lights go on; than more to my left, one by one

someone sees my need for help, my need to see where I am going, a way out of this dark

I see that these lights are twinkling, some plain, some many-colored

and they form the shapes of trees and deer and homes

candles in the windows, signify a hope inside, of life, of love

And I realize, just the tiniest bit, what Christmas means

It’s more than a baby in a manger, for that Baby grew up to be a man

and that man was God, come down to be with us, Emmanuel

and Emmanuel lights the way to a place of forgiveness, a path of hope

a new and living way, but the cost to bring us to that path, to Himself, is great

and I follow Him down His own dark road, traveled alone, despised and forsaken

and I watch as they strip Him, and beat Him, and crown Him with thorns

They whip Him and mock Him, they spit on this One who brought light to the world

and I watch him die there, on a cross of wood, helpless to intervene

It is then when I finally understand, that this was the only way, is the only way

out of the darkness, and into the light, His light

and My favorite Christmas carol rings clear in my heart

Long lay the world in sin and error pining, til He appeared

and the soul felt it’s worth.

Published by eloracseniah@gmail.com

Author and Creator of the HisShadowings.com series and books. You can find these at https://hisshadowings.com/ Be Blessed and encouraged in the Lord Jesus

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