so thanks, Lord, for the Wilderness


I wrote this poem on the first morning of Our Ladies Retreat this past weekend.  I read it right before I led Worship that morning.

For me, it was just a reflection of how the Lord has been working in my life.  I had no idea that so many people would be able to relate to its message.  It’s just a short, sweet, to the point, from the heart, “Hey, that’s just the way it is” poem.  I was asked for copies so many times, I have decided to post it, so whoever wants to, can make a copy to encourage them.  It encouraged me just to be able to write it.

so, thanks for the Wilderness

by: Carole L. Haines

Jesus, You have reached down into places I thought long dead

Places that I had killed

places others killed in me, wounds so deep

But sometimes wounds have to be reopened to be cleansed

and sometimes bones need to be re-broken to truly mend

Sometimes tears flow backwards inside ourselves

where we are actually washed by You with them

And sometimes life takes another way

our lives, another course

to get us to where you want us to be

So Thanks, Lord, for the Wilderness.

Hope that blesses you all as much reading it, as it blessed me to finally be able to say it.  Just to write it and really, really mean it was such a relief.  His peace be with you all.  I love you all so much


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2 thoughts on “so thanks, Lord, for the Wilderness

  1. Carole – Thank you for sharing this word from God with us, for your sensitive spirit to His Voice. I identified so much with this poem’s message and I thank God that I am stepping out of the wilderness. I also see the poem as a prelude to what God was going to do with our BBW at the retreat. God is good.


  2. Oh, Carole- This poem was as if God had written it just for me. The words were just what I needed to hear. Thank you, thank you for sharing from your heart, your pain, your life- so that Christ’s healing balm and light could touch others, and that they in turn could be healed. For it is in the wilderness, when all is stripped away, that He remakes us into His own.


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