An invitation


An invitation

by: carole l. haines


This loneliness is just an invitation to go deeper

to reach out for the God who loves me

I need not look to others for comfort,

if they want to give it, so be it

But this loneliness is an invitation to walk closer with God

This emptiness is an invitation to come closer

to the only One who can fill me

Others can give. And I will receive

but God fills me up to overflowing, and so I come to Him

This fear is an invitation to trust more and let go

of the illusion of my control over things and people

circumstances or even myself,

and to yield all I am to God, the One and Only

Others may comfort and I am grateful

but fear can only be vanquished by His love

This pain is an invitation to forgive, as Jesus has forgiven me

to let go of all the wounds, both ones I’ve inflicted

and those received by others

And so I come,  Dear God, with my wagon full of  unwanted things

loneliness, fear, emptiness, pain

and I ask You , “Will you please take these?”

and so You do, take them, upon Yourself

and You lead me to the door of Your endless storehouse

a place filled with peace, joy, understanding, love, compassion

a place filled with You, God, My Lord and King

So thank You precious Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

for taking what I cannot bear, and giving what I cannot lose…You

You are my Precious Treasure


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One thought on “An invitation

  1. And a treasure that just continues to multiply and will never end. Praying for you and yours, Love, Mom REST IN HIM THIS WEEKEND.



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