I have had a few people say that they would like to see some of my artwork, so since I can’t have everyone over to my house (though, I’d like to)…here goes

DSCF7310this one is called “Gains and Losses” and was actually an assignment from my counselor at the time.  When she found out I painted, she asked me to try to paint out all the things I had lost, yet also all that I had learned and gained in the process of those losses.  My gains were all in the physical realm, worldly things, but my gains were all in the Spiritual.  I came to know God more and more. I learned that He doesn’t always save you from your fears, but through your fears.


I wanted to paint a picture of the crucifixion from the stand point of God looking down from heaven and seeing His beloved and precious Son on the Cross.  We often forget that the Father was seeing every, agonizing moment of His Beloved Son’s suffering for us. Truly a Love Incomprehensible.


This picture represents the beauty and diversity found in the Body of Christ


These are crosses that I make and try to sell for extra income.

If you would like, I will share more ARTWORK in the future.

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