The grown-up child


thoughts by: Carole L. Haines

I was better, as a child in faith, leaning heavily upon the God who loves me.

I was better, as a child in love, simply responding to My Master’s touch.

I was better, as a child in joy, contented with the simplest of things.

But then I became a grown up, and suddenly faith, love and joy were not so simple.

I tried to please all the other grown-ups with my knowledge and strength,

but inside I knew I still had much to learn and was incredibly weak.

I tried to love others, with all that I had, but it simply was not enough.

Others are so much harder to love, when you are all grown up.

And I searched for joy under every rock, in all the valleys, upon the Ocean’s shore

but somehow joy eluded me, and I was so sad being all grown-up.

So I prayed to the God I remembered as a child, and I asked him to bring me back

“Lord,” I said, “make me like a child again. Give me childlike faith,

childlike love, childlike joy; for my soul is so empty in this place.”

And He heard my cry, He opened my eyes, He touched my heart

and let me see that inner child was still there all the time.

Her faith had been stolen by the worries of the world

the deceitfulness of riches, and the pride of life.

Her love had been compromised, polluted, sullied

by the desire to please people instead of God

Her joy had been carried off by fears and worries

not trusting that the God who made the Sun, Moon, and all the stars

would never forget His precious child, made in His own image

and so I yielded up all the grown-up things,

and I asked for them to be taken back

and replaced with a childlike faith and love

and the Joy of the Lord came back.

And now God grows me up, in faith, love and joy

the way that He wants me to.

For I have found with God, that both child and adult

are one in the same to Him.


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One thought on “The grown-up child

  1. Carole, beautiful. Have you ever read a book called “Gold in Your Memories”? It is written by this really cool nun. In any case, one of the things she suggests in her book is to reconnect with books & photos & memories of your golden moments in your life. To go back to things that brought you simple joy, the most joy, peaceful moments, moments when God met you in a quiet place, happiest places…. whatever is true gold. Reread those favorite childhood books, visit those precious places, look at those old photos or even “snapshots in your mind”. Use them as places to worship & praise God from. Embrace them fully.
    I began doing this and the joy in my life increased, my ability to find places of rest & refreshment for my soul increased, my gratitude despite my circumstance, I released regret & embraced the good & the “gold”. I began to find God lurking around every corner, I found him standing prominently in memories that used to bring me pain. He is the redeemer of all. Sometimes when their was nothing else good about a memory, the gold was just He and I being together.
    In any case, your thoughts above, made me think of the simple joys I have found in embracing the simple freedom of being ageless in spirit!!
    Loved what you wrote & the photo you chose!


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