To Listen

To listen

musings by: carole l. haines

Couldn’t sleep, woke up so sad

things just don’t go the way we plan

up on my feet, I come and sit

before You, Lord, to listen

Don’t understand, but have learned so much

about how You know best and how much You love

thoughts in mind, I come and sit

before You, O Lord, to listen

You see it all, You know the truth

Day one until forever is set before You

So confused and hurt, I come and sit

before You, O Lord, and I listen

I run to Your Word, for it always speaks

the truth in love to me

I run to Your feet, for I always find

comfort, solace and peace of mind

thoughts tangled up, fear is knocking

Your truth is all I have to hold

You never change, You are always with me

I find in You all I need to live

and so with one more rejection,

one more misunderstanding,

one more disappointment seeking to bring me down

I run to You in the newness of the Day

bewildered and hurt, I come and sit

at Your feet so I can listen

Surely our griefs You have carried

Our hurts You have born

You know misunderstanding, betrayal and scorn

so I run to You, Lord, and I crawl into Your arms

too tired to fight, too beaten to mourn

all the desires of my heart before You I pour

and I sit at Your feet now, To Listen


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May God's Truth prevail and Love triumph, where we have failed. Amen

One thought on “To Listen

  1. A little concerned after reading your post. Any special prayer request I should be lifting up. Let me know, Love, Mom



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