This Sweet, Sweet Salvation


Like a Mighty Rushing River, Your Love O God, Washes over us

It can’t be bought or sold, can’t be borrowed or bartered, can’t be earned or lost

Your Love is who you are, God, it’s just who You are.

You desire all of us to know You, and none of us to Perish

Your arms are not too short that they cannot reach anyone of us

Those arms are ever reaching, ever beckoning, ever calling us home.

O, the strong Shoulders of God, shoulders to hold us,

Shoulders to cry on when life goes all wrong

How we need You, Our Dearest God, O how we need You.

We have no idea just how precarious and fragile our lives are

We have no idea how many times you have rescued us from destruction

You are Our Mighty Rock, Our Fortress to Run into when the storm arrives.

You collect our tears in Your bottle, How precious our lives are to You

O Author and Perfecter of Our Faith, for the joy set before You, you persevered

through rejection, betrayal, abandonment, lies, scourging and death

We, ourselves, were that joy set before You, you saw our faces as you suffered

And so we fix our eyes on You, Jesus, You are the joy set before us now

You are why we arise each day, why we wrestle through a day

We meditate on Your Grace and Kindness, and when we get too busy, You do not

You are Constant, Faithful, Pure and Holy.  We Worship at Your feet

We wash Your feet with our tears and wipe them with our hair.

We anoint those Precious feet of Yours with the oil of our love

Yes, like a Mighty rushing River, Your love pours over us

and we bask in the Joy of it, the Peace of it, The Security of it

Thank You dearest Lord, for this Sweet, Sweet Salvation


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