Life without God


I cannot imagine a Life without God.  He is my constant companion, My friend forever.  He demonstrated His Love for me by coming down to earth to be like me, feel like me, see as I do, Hear what I hear.  He came to show me exactly who He is.  If you have seen Me, You have seen the Father.  And so I gaze upon You, Jesus, I watch You through Your Word.  And I declare that I would never want to live a single moment separated from You, and I don’t have to.  You have made that possible Jesus, and I praise You for that.

We sang the song, “Heart of Worship” yesterday at church.  What a Privilege to Worship God, to Know God, to Love God.  What a Joy to know that He loves me first, and I respond to that Love.  O how I melt under the Mighty Love of God.  I was feeling scared a couple of weeks ago, and I began to sing to myself the Children’s song, “When I am afraid, I will trust in You.”  I sang it over and over to calm my Spirit and ease My fears.  I rested in Him.

Life without God, I actually do not believe such a thing exists.  Even those who won’t acknowledge Him, are only alive and breathing because of God’s Mercy.  He is why they wake up every morning.  He is why they have food to eat, air to breathe, water to drink.  I have come to know God deeply through His Word, and yet feel as if I have only just begun to know Him.  But even the little bit I do know, has taught me the Wonders of God.  I truly believe that if people could just See Him as He really is, instead of their own distorted images and ideas about Him, They would run to Him.  Perhaps I am naïve in that belief, Perhaps not.  Regardless, I think God is the Most Precious Person I have ever known.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Every Blessed Name of God is a treasure to be turned over and over again in our minds, seeking to know Him better.

So Life without God is really not a Life at all, I believe it is a Living Death, a lingering, so to speak, between this world and the next.    So thank You, Dearest Author of Life.  I love You, God, for just exactly as You have shown me who You are, in the Word of God.  I love You, because You first loved me.  I love You because You give life meaning and purpose.  I love everything You have made.  Thank You for it all.  Forgive my undisciplined faith at times, and teach me how to lift up Jesus, even more in my life, every single day.  And through this, I pray that You will draw many, many more people to Him.  You are worthy of all My  praises, and all my love.

In Jesus Love, I leave you all this day.

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One thought on “Life without God

  1. As I have shared with you many times. all the years I thought of Him as THE Lord and Savior I was EXISTING. When I received Him as MY LORD AND SAVIOR – that is when I BEGAN living life as it was meant to be Love, Mom


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