We Advertised in Heaven…and they came.


Less than a year ago, I was a part of a Team of more than 20 who went to a foreign land to share Christ.

Our Pastor had been given a vision from God of The Worship Team doing a big outreach concert in this country to reach people for Christ. Now understand, we are a part of a small church. There are two campuses in two different communities, but they are small churches. Very few had heard of us outside of our own communities, certainly not in foreign lands. But God had called, given a vision, and we answered the call. I almost missed the boat. I fought against going very hard, gave all sorts of reasons, but God kept knocking at the door of my heart, and I finally yielded. We ran into all sorts of problems in getting my passport and visa, and I kept saying, “I guess I’m not supposed to go!” But those who had gone before, kept encouraging me, that this was the enemy’s work. So I plodded on, carried by their faith, not my own.

The task was arduous, and I must give a shout out to the local Pastors who arranged so much, to our own Pastor who was walking on invisible steps in the air of Faith. He just kept moving out, believing everything would be as God would have it. I thank God for our Team Leader and Worship Leader, who, like Stephen in the book of Acts, must have seen the heavens opened and God directing them, for they never wavered. We visited many villages, most of them remote. I have never experienced such Precious People in my entire life. I was carried on a cloud of amazement at their faith and joy in the midst of great poverty and opposition. I was so humbled and realized that God would not let me stay home, because He knew these people would forever change my life, and how I viewed the world, myself and God.

The day before the concert, the stage hadn’t been built yet, there was so much left to do. But faithful men, spent almost a straight 24 hours getting it done, both our men and the locals. The Day of the concert arrived and I heard concerns and whispers of whether it would come off okay. Would people even come. Were there enough posters up and handouts given. But so many were praying, both at home and  in this foreign land. Two hours before the concert, a woman arrived with her baby. She handed the baby to one of our women and asked us to care for it. She was going to commit suicide, she said, because she had a demon. They ran and got our Pastor, and he came and prayed for her. He cast the demon out in Jesus’ Name and led this Beautiful woman to Christ.  Her baby was then handed back to her. That was to be the beginning of many miracles we would see that night.

You see, we had prayed. At home they were praying and fasting. Here, in this land far away, the Local Believers were praying, and God heard. All the advertising in the world can’t do what God can do. We had Advertised in Heaven…and they Came. He drew them to Himself. We were expecting maybe 2,000+, but God had prepared more hearts. It was an outside venue, so they were sitting on the walls of the courtyard. They were standing on the tops of city buildings. Not to see us, but to come to know the God who had brought us there to share His love with them. His love, His hope, His story of Redemption in song and dance. We only expected 2000+, but God more than tripled that number and at final count over 8,000+ came. Over 2,000 came forward to receive Christ and be prayed with. We came and we gave our mere gifts, like the boy with 5 loaves and two fish gave them to Jesus, and He fed 5,000 with them. Yes, We advertised in Heaven, through prayer, and God reached the hearts of thousands.

! don’t know that I will ever experience the privilege of being there again, or being a part of such an amazing journey, I hope so. But one thing I learned is that people are hungry for the Love of God, for the Salvation only He can offer, and We are called to share it, however God provides the way.

Prayer is our advertising in Heaven. It is us crying out for God to reach hearts, heal bodies, change lives. And only He can. I will never see Prayer the same way again. Our God is an Awesome God and I am so thankful for His Will and Goodness. HAPPY THANKSGIVNG TO ONE AND ALL.


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