What goes around…aka A lesson in Gestures


25 Now Simon Peter was standing and warming himself. So they said to him, “You are not also one of His disciples, are you?” He denied it, and said, “I am not.” 26 One of the slaves of the high priest, being a relative of the one whose ear Peter cut off, *said, “Did I not see you in the garden with Him?” 2Peter then denied it again, and immediately a rooster crowed. (John 18)

Yep, our sins will surely find us out!  I’m going to tell you a story, and after reading it, you may be so upset with me that you don’t want to read my blog any more.  That’s fine, but I feel God is asking me to be honest about something, and so who am I to deny Him.  It was perhaps a year ago, maybe more, that I was out driving around with My Husband and our youngest son.  I always put Cruise control on at about 3 miles over the speed limit, so that I won’t speed.  It was at night, and I guess people were just in an all fired hurry to get nowhere fast.  I say this because they kept coming up behind me and high beaming me to try to get me to go faster, move over, or whatever.  After about 5-6 times, my insides were boiling, so when lucky number 7 high-beamed me, I gave an impolite gesture with one of my fingers.  You get the picture, not a good one, as you can well imagine.

Suddenly, lights start flashing behind me, and I realize I have just flipped off a Police Officer.  I was so thrown off that I swerved a little and quite panicked by now, I found a place to pull off the road.  Everything was fine, and he didn’t actually pull me over for the “finger-thing.”  I had a light out or something, I can’t remember.  But when The officer asked me if I knew why he had pulled me over, I said, “Because I gave you a rude gesture!”  He didn’t even seem to know what I was talking about, but my husband knew, and my son knew, and I knew.  I was so humiliated and embarrassed.  As far as I know, that was the last time I did that so blatantly.  Maybe under the dash-board, but O my, what a lesson learned.  You can imagine there was stone silence in the car for awhile after it was all over.  Then I broke the silence by saying, “Go ahead, say it!”  But they both just said, “I’m not saying a word!”  Then more silence, until we all just began laughing so hard, we couldn’t stop.  Yep, your sin will find you out.

This happened to Peter in the opening Scripture.  One of the people that recognized him at Jesus’ trial was a relative of the guy whose ear he had cut off.  So just a little funny story, with a more serious meaning.  Be careful how you act out there, people are watching, and we are representatives of Jesus on this earth.  It was only God’s grace that kept that officer from seeing what I did.  Let’s remember what Hebrew 13 says:

Let love of the brethren continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.   🙂   Have a Great Day!


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