At The Scent of Water

At The Scent of Water

Life can just be very hard sometimes.  Sometimes circumstances change in a flash. Accidents happen, relationships are cut short.  Children grow up and leave home, to venture out on their own.  Sometimes Life changes because we make a mistake, or perhaps, someone else does.  We feel like a tree cut down.  We feel like there is no way out of this.  There is no way we will ever feel happy again, or know joy inside ourselves.  Surely peace has escaped us forever, and anxiety is now our constant companion.

I know this feeling well!  I have been in this place more than once in my life.  One of those times I went for a long walk, and I came across a tree that had been cut down.  It had grown too large and was obstructing the path, so it was Trimmed down to a mere stump. I, at this time of my life, felt like this tree.  But that Beautiful Tree still had a will to live.  And despite the savage cut that took it down to its lowest parts, this tree turned its energy toward its roots.  Those roots grew downward and outward, and it found new strength, new life.  I could now see tender shoots and fledgling branches reaching out from this stump, reaching up toward the sky, toward its Creator.

“For there is hope for a tree, when it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and its shoots will not fail. “Though its roots grow old in the ground and its stump dies in the dry soil, At the scent of water it will flourish and put forth sprigs like a plant. (Job 14)

God restores our lives.  God is a Healer.  He is our Hope.  Truly, at the scent of God’s Living water, we will flourish and put forth sprigs like a plant.  Hope in Him, dear broken-hearted bother or sister.  He is ever watchful and always making a way to bring life to the places in our lives that we consider dead, or hopeless.  Rest in Him and watch Him bring Beauty from your ashes.  Offer Him the ashes, He desires to give You Himself instead.

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One thought on “At The Scent of Water

  1. Carol, wanted you to know you blessed my friend today in New Jersey who just lost his wife to cancer and it really touched him. His name is russ, please pray for him.


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