A marvel to many


by: carole l. haines

I have become a marvel to many, for You are my strong refuge. (Psalm 71:7 NASB)

I read a very interesting quote on Pinterest today. It said, “Every miracle in the Bible started out as a problem.”  How amazingly true is that.  We whine and complain when our problems hem us in, or exhaust us in our efforts to run out of them.  Some of us have tried to follow the silly advice of Dr. Leo Marvin, in the Movie, “What about Bob?,” when he writes a prescription for Bob containing six words. ‘Take a Vacation from your problems.'” Any of you, who have seen the comical movie, know that the more Bob took a vacation from his problems, the more he added to the frustrations, of Dr. Leo.

How much better is it to, “become a marvel to many,” as they watch God help us work through our problems?  How much better is it to serve as an example to others by learning to walk on top of our problems, and give all the glory to God?  I used to tease my kids and say, “Want a little cheese with that Whine?’ Well, I’m saying that to myself today.  Every miracle in the Bible did start out as a problem.  Think of it; the Red Sea Crossing, the Deliverance in Battle for Gideon; the wrongful imprisonment of Joseph.  God worked miracles out of all these problems; and He will do the same for us, if we let Him.  So, let’s not deny our problems, try to get out of them on our own, or even, ‘take a vacation from them.’  Let’s come to the Lord with our problems, as I did this morning, and watch Him work out miracles. All Glory to the Lord of our problems, the Victor of what vexes us, the King of all that brings us sorrow.  Our God is truly good, wise, and mighty.  May we all become a marvel to many, as they watch us lean on the Lord as our deliverer, our comfort and our refuge in the midst of our problems.

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