Sacred Moments

By: Carole L. Haines 

 “All the earth will worship You, 
And will sing praises to You; 
They will sing praises to Your name.” Selah. 

 Come and see the works of God, 
Who is awesome in His deeds toward the sons of men. 

Psalm 66:4-5 

God fills our lives with Sacred Moments, moments where He breaks in upon our ordinariness and makes His Presence and Beauty known. I witnessed a sacred moment yesterday. I am a Pre-K teacher and was in the classroom with my children as usual. They asked to play with the music basket. This basket is filled with streamers and little drums, shakers and bells, etc. I put some Christian Music on for them from a VBS that occurred several Summers ago. They proceeded to dance and play, twirling their ribbons as the music played, “Rescue me.” 
One child, who is taking dance classes, began to whirl and move with the streamers with such grace. The other girls followed in turn. Soon I had what seemed to be a time of Sacred Dance happening right in my classroom. It was so beautiful. Time just seemed to stand still as I listened to the words of the song and watched them whirl and dance. They asked to play it again, so I did. It was truly a Sacred Moment of His Grace. 

God is continually breaking in upon our Ordinary lives with moments of His Grace, Presence and Beauty. Are we watching for them? Whether it’s a Monarch butterfly wafting down upon a playground full of fascinated children; or catching the scent of lilac on the wind. It can be a smile from a stranger, a Verse from the Scriptures, a Song on the Radio. God is speaking to us in the ordinary times, making them extraordinary simply by His Presence. Watch for Him, Listen for Him. Wait for Him to bring you Sacred Moments. 

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