Forget none of His benefits, Day 3

By: Carole L. Haines 

Please read all of Psalm 103.

The rich meanings of these immense benefits are jewels to be mined from the depths of God’s heart. I have  looked at some of the original meanings and pulled them together in one long string of thankfulness, like a necklace of pearls. After diving into the original Hebrew meanings of the key words, I have written out a portion of the Psalm anew, using the richness of the meanings I found. Praise it back to Him as you focus on this amazing and kind God we serve. 

Bless, praise and honor the Lord, My soul. Bless Him and do not forget  

to praise Him for all His blessings and rewards, the benefits of being His child.  

He pardons, and forgives all your sins, mercifully lifting them away from around 

 your neck. He bore them Himself.  Praise Him because He heals all your diseases, 

 mending the rips and tears of your life with His own thread of mercy. 

He encircles your life, surrounding You with His favor, lovingkindness and  

compassion. He enriches your life, satisfying your years with Good things from  

above, renewing your youth like the Eagle. 

God is gracious, merciful and kind toward you. He is slow to anger, longsuffering  

and patient with you. He fills your life with His lovingkindess and compassion.  

Yes, let us Bless, Praise, and Honor the Lord, with all of our Soul. (Psalm 103:1-8) 

 God’s love, mercy and forgiveness are beyond measuring. He is so worthy of our devotion, love and praise.

Have a Blessed day as you focus on His greatness and amazing tenderness with us, His children. Even His correction is administered while He is embracing us in Love.

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