Time: A Series Review

by: Carole L. Haines

I don’t write Movie Reviews. This is the first I have ever done. But I just finished watching a series on BBC called TIME. Sean Bean is the lead actor and it is PHENOMENAL. It is about an accident that kills an innocent man and sends another to prison. The portrayals of prison life, regret, seeking redemption, integrity, failure, forgiveness; all are portrayed. As well as some of the hardships faced by both prisoners and guards, both in their incarceration and in their home lives.

If you have ever been interested in Prison Ministry, and desire to see some of the hardships realistically face by those working in the prisons, and those who are doing TIME there, this is the Series for you. BBC does a masterful job, without all the foul language, and other annoying content that can make such material unwatchable by a lot of viewers. We all need second chances, and sometimes people don’t give them. But God does. Through Jesus, God gives us a second chance, and sometimes three, four, or five.

If you are looking for a great series on Redemption, forgiveness, and second chances, I would give this series a watch. Let me know what you thought if you do choose to watch it. I will be watching it again in the future.

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