No Leashes in Heaven

A guest post by: Christine Laporte

A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal Proverbs 12:10

When I was a bit younger, thinking my choices were maybe superior to others’, I struggled to understand why people would give more money to support animal related causes than people related. I don’t think I understood how precious animals and pets were to humans. And, as I journeyed along here on earth, I experienced the unconditional love of pets. Today my family is in mourning because one of our fur babies crossed the rainbow bridge. Even though Houdini was not my dog, he was my friend and my daughter’s. He belonged to my sister, and I have known him for many years. 

As family, we are blessed because we’ve all owned and cared for dogs, cats, birds and even horses in the past. We understand one another’s pain because it is something we’ve shared. This past fall, because of her inability to walk, go to the bathroom and unusually high white blood count, I took our 12.5 year old dog to the vet to be euthanized. Once you’ve made that decision, you usually don’t go back. The memory of holding her as my younger daughter and I cried will not leave me. Although she was very uncomfortable and believed to have had liver cancer, I wish I could have helped her live longer. 

Having a home without her is too quiet. I miss talking to her at night and envision she and Houdini together running freely through the pink and blue clouds of “easy times”. They are in good company because my parents, sisters, daughters, niece, nephews and I have had a precious variety of fur friends to love and do life with. So in this time of sadness, we see hope through our tears and know our LORD holds our hearts, our pups and has blessed us with many memories of life with our furry friends.

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