The raging river

The world looks to me like a river, raging and foaming and and deep

and I’m much too frightened to step in, fearing it will consume me

No bridge in sight to go over it, but much to dangerous to cross

 I then remember a truth I learned  long ago

about a prophet and God’s people who were fleeing their woe

They, too came to a vast body of water, and they too were too  frightened to cross

Moses lifted his staff, trusting in God

and took one step forward, counting all else loss

and God Himself parted the water, so the people could pass on in peace

And I hear you, Jesus, as you beckon

No bridge there because I too must trust

and lift up Your love as my banner

and trust You as You lead me to across

So I lift up the Word of my Savior, to cover my head like a veil

and I wrap it so tightly around me, to protect me for fear I might fail

I close my eyes tightly and focus, My eyes on the One who calls me to “Come”

and in faith I now take that first step, into the waters I plunge

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