As unto Him

God has promised to lead me out into wide open places.  So why do I feel so confined sometimes?  As I pondered this  He showed me.  Any place can feel confined if given the wrong attitude, no matter how broad.  Relationships can feel small or great, open or confining, depending on the attitude we bring into it.  We can only consciously affect change in ourselves.  That’s why we need to always be working on us, not them.  I asked God to elaborate and He did.  He showed me that when I invite Him into any circumstance, any relationship; I open it up to the vast, inexhaustible treasure of His Grace, His wisdom, His strength, His peace,   The infinite cord of His love is available for me to tap into and become a conduit of His love and grace to others and to myself.  Like a balm that I rub on my dry cracked feet to heal and soothe and protect.  I apply the balm of His Word, His love, His kindness to whatever ails, and He brings healing.  I have found that I must apply the balm to myself first, to smooth out the rough places that make me irritable and cranky.  Then I have so much overflowing to give to others, to apply to them.  Example:  I get weary of the day in and day out, picking up after others stuff, sometimes.  I can whine, complain or try to manipulate others into helping (which I’ve done and it’s miserable for them and myself).Or I can invite God into the task with me, by doing it as unto Him.  I can load the dishwasher for Jesus, with Jesus.  I can do the laundry for Jesus, with Jesus, and suddenly these tasks become less tiresome.  His Yoke is easy and His burden is light.  I am still learning all this, and sometimes slip back into my old lazy and manipulative ways, but this always leads to guilt and misery.  When I do all things as unto God, the burden becomes light as a feather, and I enjoy great fellowship with Him in the process.  Just a thought, an encouragement, a grace.  Have a wonderful day in Him, with Him and through Him.  

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