the Struggle


Weary of fight, not sure what I’m fighting for

Battle drained, not even sure who the enemy really is

I lie here, camouflaged to hide in the background

Just hoping, just waiting

for someone stronger, someone more powerful

to come and rescue me and wake me from this drudgery

watching a fellow soldier, stuck in mire, sinking deeper

but I can’t reach him, I can’t help him, I’m stuck too

so I lift my voice to the God of Heaven

the only one strong enough, the only one wise enough

  to break into this nightmare and rescue each of us

O Lord, Our Lord, How majestic is Your Name in all the earth

In the name of Jesus, break into this struggle

and burst open the floodgates of heaven

and pour down Your grace, Your Mercy and your power

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done

In me, in him, on earth, as it is in Heaven

I thank You before I see the fruit

knowing the fruit will come

In Jesus precious and Holy name

AmenSeasons circular

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