Dearest Bride

You search for me, but I am right here beside you

MJ1 001

You reach for me, yet I have never left your side

You search the vast world for satisfaction

MJ4 001

but you hold the keys to joy right in your hand

Open up Your heart, Dearest Bride

Let Me come alive to you inside

Let me carry you with Me wherever life abides

For love like Mine, this world can never hide

MJ2 001

On days when your mind and heart wander far

I am still with you where you are

and I will never leave you or deny

The promises I’ve made before the dawn of time

MJ6 001

So come to me, stay with me

MJ7 001

walk with me, pray with me

MJ5 001

I will always love you, Dearest Bride

  MJ8 001

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