In the midst of Chaos

MJ8 001

Father,  I seem to just shut down and curl up when things go wrong.  All the car repairs, all three cars at one time.  Please show me what exactly is going on.  I feel like one of those potato bugs that curls up into a ball to protect itself.  I can’t be of any use to anyone if I just curl up and self-protect.  I love your Word and being with You, but I’m having a hard time coping with all that is swirling around outside that little space.  Father-God, I invite You out into this swirling space outside.  If You walk out into it with me, it won’t seem so hard to handle.  Nothing gets accomplished by just curling up.  Take my hand Father and walk out with me.  Talk to me as we walk out there.  Tell me what to do next, what to think about all the things going wrong  You are wise and wonderful, and I need Your wisdom and Your grace to get through even the smallest things sometimes.  I can’t live inside that small little world.  Your Good news was meant to be discovered and shared with all who are in the world.  I am discovering just how precious and wonderful Your truth is.  It changes the way I think, which changes how I look at things. Your Word will always touch a life, accomplish great transformation in whoever open himself up to it’s truth.  Open me up more and more to You and to Others and show me how to share with others about the peace I am finding here with You alone.  Man was not meant to be alone, You make us for fellowship with you and other people.  Thank you, Father, for listening, and for answering.  I know the answer will come, I don’t see it yet, but it will come.  Amen  

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