“Do not be afraid


“Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not anxiously look around you or be discouraged, For I am Your God. I will strengthen You. I will help You. I will hold you up with my Victorious Right Hand, (Isaiah 41:10)

Have you ever had what you thought was a need, but it wasn’t being met?  And then you wonder if you’re just being selfish,because God promised to meet all of our “needs” according to His riches in glory.  If it’s an unmet need, it must just be a “want to have” and not a need, right?

Not necessarily!  I have been praying about something that I believe is a true need.  But I’ve also been looking for it myself, as if I somehow was supposed to be the one to show God where it is.  I’ve been fretting about it and God’s Word tells me that if I fret, it will only lead to doing the wrong thing. (Psalm 37)  If you want to be guaranteed to do the wrong thing, to act too quickly on a matter, or take a wrong path, just fret, worry, and wring your hands in fear; the wrong thing is not far behind.     In my case, I was losing it with my family.  I was short-tempered about things.  I lost it and cussed at my precious son a couple of weeks ago.  I asked God to put His finger on the root, and He gave me the above verse in Isaiah 41.  I was to cease worrying, stop anxiously looking around for the thing I needed, and Rest in Him to provide it in His time.  He actually let me know that He already has this thing set aside for me, and it will be provided, when He decides it will be given to me, and not a minute sooner.  So I have been practicing letting it go.  I’m not looking for it anymore.  And I try to thank God for what He has already set aside for me, whenever the need rises up and makes me remember it’s there.  

It works, God’s Word is so practical, so full of the right things to do, to replace the wrong things we should not.  If we ask Him, He will show us, and if we follow what He says, we will be walking with a much lighter step, in a much larger place of freedom.  We will escape the cage of our own felt needs, and walk about  in the wide place of trusting God.  What a Beautiful God we serve!


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