His Wonders never cease

One of the things I love most about God is His incredible creativity.  I believe He has made all of us creative as part of being made in His Image.  Some people are creative with words, some with numbers.  Others create with colors, or  spoken words.  Some sing, others dance.  I always correct people when they say they are not creative, because I have never found a person yet, who does not possess creativity in some fashion.  Some people create with food.  Great teachers, thinkers, problem solvers, computer geeks, all are creative.  some people are great salespeople, or genuinely good at relating to others.  It takes creativity to be a good caregiver.  doctors and nurses are creative healers.  Lawyers are creative defenders or prosecutors.  I honestly have never met a single person, who I have engaged in conversation with, that I couldn’t find their creative side.  Don’t sell yourself short.  You are creative, because God creates, and you are made is His Image.
I say all this in order to relate to you a picture of a wonderful place that God took me to a week or so ago. I have lived in the same State, 95% of my life. The place i discovered is a Cypress swamp. I didn’t even think these were in my State at all. I have lived here my whole life and never never stumbled upon this hidden treasure. Here is a picture of what I found.



The trees in the Cypress swamp have knees.  I read about them and the experts think their purpose is give the roots more stability in such a wet environment, and to collect oxygen for the roots.  i was so amazed in this place.  It was a wonderland of discovery.  God is so amazingly creative.  His wonders never cease, both in nature and within us.  Praise God for His wonderful Creativity.  amen

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