the same Spirit


My husband Bruce was praying this Easter Morning, and he used a Scripture that just Blessed my soul.  He thanked God for the fact that the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead is now within all of us who believe in Him.  I believe this is found in Ephesians 1.  but all morning I have been pondering that truth.  If i would just focus on the myriads of blessings I have inherited through Christ and His love, demonstrated to me by the Cross.  If I would ponder and rejoice in the victory and power that is mine through the Resurrection.  If I would just fix my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of my faith, everything else would fade into the background.  All my worries and fears all my pain and loss along the way is nothing compared to this Marvelous Love and Grace I have found.

Happy Resurrection Day, Believers

Ponder all that is ours through Him

He truly makes all things New.

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2 thoughts on “the same Spirit

  1. Yes, I agree, This would be a good case for us to have tunnel vision with Jesus as our focus. Blessings to all. HE IS RISEN. Love, Dad and Mom


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