Seven Miles back


Our Pastor was preaching this past Sunday on The Road to Emmaus.  This is found in the Gospel of Luke.  He pointed out two things in this story that I had not noticed before.  One was that these two disciples were walking the Road to Emmaus on the very same day of the Resurrection.  Jesus just appeared and began walking with them on the Road as they discussed His death, burial and resurrection.  Next thing he pointed out was that, after they finally recognized who Jesus was, He vanished from there midst.  They had just walked 7 miles from Jerusalem to Emmaus with the Lord.  They must have been exhausted and weary, but they were so concerned for the disciples back in Jerusalem, that they got up and began the journey back to tell them the good news.  How many of us are that concerned about our fellow believers in Christ?  I was really touched by their deep love and concern.  I can be so grumpy and self-serving at times.  But these two men not only went the extra mile, they went seven miles back.  They did it at night, covering 14 miles in a short period of time, out of love and concern for their fellow believers.

Jesus, make me like these men.  Make me remember them the next time I am asked to go the extra mile for someone.  Help me to do it with a good and loving heart, not grudgingly.  Jesus, make me more like You.  And as this passage in Luke says, “open up my mind to understand all of the Scriptures concerning you.”  I love You, Jesus.  It is because of Your great love, that I can say this and mean it.  Thank You for loving me, for pleading in Gethsemane, walking your Road of Suffering for me, for us all.  Thank You for coming back, for walking the seven miles with these two disciples so they could understand, for walking with us so we can.  Guide us to walk the seven miles back and encourage our fellow believers with all You have done for us.  Guide us to be transparent and open with the Body of Christ.

In Jesus name,   Amen!

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