My Coming Home


BY: Carole L. Haines 

My heart has wandered far from you, Dear Lord

And I wonder how I’ll ever get back

Too many twists and turns along the way

Too much routine and pursuit of mind

It is my heart, my soul that is feeling empty

I have not walked away from You boldly, deliberately

I’ve slipped, I’ve wandered, I’ve weakened, I’ve fallen

I’ve not left Your Body, nor forsaken fellowship

And yet I’ve hidden within this mass of people

Suffered in silence, quietly nodding hellos and goodbyes

I didn’t even know I was really far from you

Pain had masked the yearning of my heart for You

And feeling pain was better than feeling nothing

Yet now the pain is gone because

In Your lovingkindness You’ve healed me

And I thank You, Dearest Lord for your touch

Yet Your Healing has uncovered the void deep within

It’s as if the pain made me feel I had worth, significance

How warped and twisted we grow apart from You, Lord

Truly sin resides deep within and desires to have us

But I am yours, Lord, bought with a price

And I come to You this morning

No hoops to jump thru, no crawling to the Cross on my knees

I come boldly to Your throne of Grace

And cry out for help in this time of need.

I want You, Lord, I need You, I miss You, Lord

And I want to come back and I’m asking for You to run to me

To put the Ring on my finger

and the Robe of Your Righteousness on my back

Place Your sandals on my feet and lead me home.

You are my home, Lord and my heart has found no rest

Truly we are Restless, wandering, aimless beings

Until we find we are simply being Yours

I love You, Jesus, and I thank You for opening Your door

Again and again and again

To this soul prone to wander, to these feet led astray

You are my One and Only, You are my coming Home

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