down here



Down here

by carol l. haines



It’s nice down here

roomy, spacious, nobody trying to upstage you

or prove that they are better than you

or at least that you are not as good as them

It’s peaceful down here

no words needed

no chatter, small talk, or power lunches

just quietness, stillness, silence

It’s beautiful down here

all the things I overlooked before

in a relentless reach for the top

trying to be important, to matter, be significant

I found all these pursuits exhausting

eveybody was moving too fast

I couldn’t keep up and I didn’t even want to

but I felt compelled to try

everyone else was trying

to matter, to be important, significant, famous

but I found criticism there and jealousy, envy

both in others and in me

and I don’t want those things in my life

so I began the climb back down

you don’t find many climbing over others

to get back down to the bottom

but that’s exactly what I did

and you know what I found down here

space, peace, joy, contentment

and more of the Savior I love, Jesus

and The Father and Holy Spirit

No one is clamouring for my spot

they don’t even notice me anymore

and I’m okay with that

You want to know why?

Because when I found more of Jesus

he told me I mattered to Him

that I was significant to His Kingdom, His will and His plans

that I was important and that He wanted me

He formed me in my mother’s womb

He fashioned who I am and who I will become

I am resting now, down here, as His servant

doing only what He says

and I am so at peace, so at peace, so at peace

and you know what else He said

He told me I am famous in heaven

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