You are my hiding place


by: carole l.haines

Sometimes life just plain gets scary

and I want to run back to the old familiar

the tried and true, but i have found that the tried is NOT true

and have been led to a better place, a safer place

amidst the words, on the pages of a book…The Book

The Bible, The Word of God,

and yes, I do believe that is exactly what it is

I believe God wrote it, and I have found it to be

the safest hiding place, my healing breath of life

a joy to embrace, a song to sing, a rhythm to dance to

i have found God to be fully true, completely safe, and always good

now, Life itself is tainted, imperfect, unsteady, well, scary

But I run to that new found refuge, that hiding place

which is now the well worn-path, the place I run to, the place I hide

when I feel unsafe, afraid, scared, I run to this Word, This voice of God

written down for the ages, on well-worn pages

by God Himself, and I stay there

I pray there, I wait there, I cry there, I heal there

I feel there and I find there, the answers I need

to many questions unasked

and I am at peace, I am at peace

I have found rest here,Lord

You are my Hiding place

and I am at peace


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