The Mercy of God

solitary pathThis path I must walk alone.  The long and dark search that God conducts throughout my soul.  It is a hard road to walk, as He examines me and reveals the things within me that are not of Him.   It’s so much easier to open the Word of God and receive encouragement, peace, love.  But this is love, this examination of the soul.  God just loves me way too much to let me stay where I am, stuck in old ways, old muck, old mire.  It’s ugly, these dark and decaying things that God must shine His light upon.  They are very difficult to look at for me.  But precious Jesus, in His kindness, knows just how much to reveal, just how much to uncover; to bring me to my knees.  And Here I am, bowed low, gazing at the pettiness within my own spirit.  I see childish things, selfish things, unkind things.  You’d think after all these years of walking with God, there wouldn’t be so much, but there their are, hiding in plain sight.  I do believe that others see our sins and faults, way before we ever do, and frankly, I’m embarrassed at what others must see.  But this surgery of soul, this inner grace of conviction, of correction, of restoration…is truly a Road of Joy.

I must not linger on this road too long, I must step quickly, stealthily onto the road of Grace.  For my Spirit cannot long endure the harsh conditions that swirl about within me.  I need Your mercy, God, Your grace, forgiveness and restoration.  I need Your deliverance from these snares, these sinful ways that so easily entangle me.  I need your assurance, your love and kindness.  Help me to be as gentle with others, as you are with me.  Be my companion on the Road to freedom, seeing the need for change is the first step.  I take that step with You today, My Lord.  lead me all the rest of the way.

amen & amen

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