Journeying to Him

Journeying to Him

by: Carole L. Haines


and so it begins again, another place of fresh starts

another struggle I must overcome, another loss redeemed

so I sit here at the feet on the One and Only

the Only One who has ever conquered death and shame

The Only One who can save me by the Power of His Name

and I find myself again, Journeying to Him

holding in my hand this same failure, this same place, this same need

and trusting that He is not tired of empowering me, strengthening me

to begin again this journey I have so many times failed to finish

Perhaps I’ve failed because I could not see that I am not alone

and I am not forsaken, I am not defeated

Fallen, Yes, scuffed knees, bleeding sores, bruised ego, Yes

But defeated, absolutely not.

Because He has overcome, I can…In Him…Overcome

And so I find myself again, Journeying to Him

and giving Him what I have failed at once more

seeking Him to be Power in me, that I may stand on the Victor’s shore

and look out over the vast ocean of my life, at all that lay before

without ever looking back, for He has forgotten my sin, again and again

through His own forgiveness, again and again

purchased by His blood, His sacrifice, His loss is my gain

My freedom caused My Lord such pain

But He freely, freely, freely gave

and He freely, freely, freely calls

my name, your name, our names

and invites us to come begin our Journeying to Him, once again


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