The Unfolding of Your Word gives Light


Photo by: Patty Rau

129 Your testimonies are wonderful;
Therefore my soul observes them.
130 The unfolding of Your words gives light;
It gives understanding to the simple.  (Psalm 119)

The Unfolding of Your Word gives light.  O, I just love that imagery.  Like a flower unfolding, releasing its fragrance; God’s Word unfolds before us, in the midst of our darkness, it gives us light.  Life can be so confusing, so painful.  So much  happens that is completely out of our control.  It is like a Scary roller-coaster ride that we regret getting on sometimes.  But here we are at the top of that hill, and there’s no going back, we’re going down again.  When life gets like that, it’s so good to know that God gives us His light in the midst of our darkness.  This Word ‘unfolding’ means opening, unfolding, entrance, doorway.  

God will create an opening out of the unknown, a doorway into His plans for us, an entrance into deep and wonderful places.  These places are full of light, grace and encouragement.  But we must sit with His Word, often and long, to have this ‘unfolding’ happen.  There is no quick “in & out” with God’s Word.  Yes, He will gives us the needed words rightly spoken in times of need, but this unfolding, it comes with time spent with Him.  So linger a little longer in His Word today, let Him unfold it before you and give you light.  Let Him shine into some of those dark places in your life, and bring you Peace.


Photo by Cody Haines

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