Mine is not the company I want to keep


Lord, mine is not the company I want to keep.  I want to be with You, be like You.

But I have come to the front again, front and center.

Life got too busy, and I slowly slipped away from long, quiet sittings with You alone.

Like a Plane in Auto-Pilot, my life drifted back to me, and it became all about me.

I don’t like it here, Lord, I don’t sense You here, and I’m not the company I want to keep

So Father, please forgive me, for expecting things to revolve around myself

Forgive me for caring too much about how I’m doing, and not for others

Please tell me that in Eternity, I’ll be free of Me, I want to be free of Me now

In my pursuit of My Own Way, I lost You, and that is the Greatest loss of all

You and I cannot occupy the same space, I must decrease and You, increase

Jesus, please make it so.  Occupy every nook and cranny of my being.

You came in a Manger, never demanding a Palace, never wanting one

You have one in Heaven, with The Father, and never needed one on Earth.

Why do I seek a Palace on the Earth,

when You have promised me a Mansion in the Heavens

Forgive me for trying to make my own way here,

All I really want is You, and only You

Father, please make it so, take me back to You and only You

Thank You for never leaving me or forsaking me, even when I stray and wander far

Thank you for second, third, fourth and fifth chances

Thank You that I never wear out My Welcome in Your Presence

I can never wander so far, that You will not call me back

I need only listen for the Voice of My Shepherd, and turn toward that Voice

Shut out the voice of strangers, the voice of Me, so You are all I hear

For You, Jesus, are all I want and all I need

Sit with me now, Lord, and Draw me back, close to You

For Mine is not the company I want to keep, Yours is.


30 He must increase, but I must decrease.

31 “He who comes from above is above all, he who is of the earth is from the earth and speaks of the earth. He who comes from heaven is above all. (John 3)


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