Shiny for Jesus


Nought of beauty is left when light is gone. Without light no radiance flashes from the sapphire, no peaceful ray proceedeth from the pearl; and thus all the beauty of the saints above comes from Jesus. As planets, they reflect the light of the Sun of Righteousness; they live as beams proceeding from the central orb. If he withdrew, they must die; if his glory were veiled, their glory must expire      (Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening).

I love this thought, of being a mere reflective surface for the Light of Our Lord to glorify Himself.  I would not shine, if He did not aim His light in my direction and make me a reflective surface.  I think of polished stones tossed to and fro by the waves of the sea.  O how my life has tossed me to and fro upon its many waves.  But if God is using those waves to polish me and make me more reflective of Him, then I embrace the waves and delight in the polishing process.  O, to be so shiny for Jesus, to be that silver surface that reflects His beautiful face, as the world looks on.  May we all embrace the polishing process in our lives.  For without the polish, the tumbling and rubbing, we would not become the smooth, reflective surface of our King.

As in water face reflects face, So the heart of man reflects man. (Proverbs 27:19 NASB) May our hearts be refined to reflect You to the world, Dearest Jesus. Amen


May God's Truth prevail and Love triumph, where we have failed. Amen
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