A very distracted Lady

Artwork by: CLH

By: Carole L. Haines 

I give you thanks, O Lord, with all my heart; 
I will sing your praises before the gods. 
I bow before your holy Temple as I worship. 
I praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness; 
for your promises are backed by all the honor of your name. 
As soon as I pray, you answer me; 
you encourage me by giving me strength. (Psalm 138:1-3 NLT) 

I have a friend who calls her time alone with God in the mornings “God Time.” I love that. I have always called it a “Quiet Time,” but sometimes it can be so full of His presence and encouragement, that it’s not so quiet. Inside I can be bursting with joy because of His Word speaking to me.  

Other times, it’s very quiet and I’m not hearing God’s voice as I usually do. It’s not really “God-Time” because I can get so distracted by the tasks around me, other things vying for my attention. This is a weakness of mine, I’m easily distracted. I could be talking with someone and what I notice is the picture hanging crooked above their head just across from me. I remember once that I offended my Precious Husband because I got up to straighten the picture while he was sharing something important. Bad move, girl. 

The above verse says, “As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength.” God speaks to us from His precious word all the time. But sometimes I need His strength for staying power. The ability to not get up and do something. I wonder if I ever grieve God’s heart because I get up and “straighten that picture,” while He is sharing something very important with me. I need His strength to not move forward, but instead I need the strength to wait, or hold back. Waiting on the Lord is hard work and requires great concentration from me, an easily distracted lady. How about you? 

Father God, Precious Jesus, Holy Spirit, I have been so distracted lately. I have not sat with You as I should. I’ve been popping up and doing this or that, when I need to quiet my soul before you and rest in Your presence so I can hear what You would speak to me. Forgive me, precious Lord, and help me to stay focused, sit longer and enjoy You, My King and God.  Thank you for the honor and privilege of speaking to me from Your Word. Increase my love for You, Lord, as I sit with You this day. Amen! 

Have a Blessed Day in the Lord. 

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