Come away to the Hillside

by: Carole L. Haines

Come away from the lights 

Come away from the flashes and baubles and balls 

Come away from the dreadful dissonant noise 

Come to the hills and listen in silence 

To the scuffle of camel’s feet carrying Wisemen 

To the fields filled with sheep who are guarded by Shepherds 

Come away to the hillside and listen 

Come away from the hotels, motels and inns 

Come instead to a barnyard with a manger within 

Watch in wonder as the Savior of the world is brought forth 

As the souls of humankind finally feel their worth 

And the groanings and yearnings for New Life, a New Day 

Are swaddled in cloths and laid in the Hay. 

A Savior is born to us, a Child is given 

Emmanuel has come to us, God here with us now 

Come away, Dear Believer, from all else that calls 

Come away to the Hillsides, alone in the dark 

Under the light of History’s brightest star 

Come away and find Jesus, invite Him into Your heart. 

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