“Has anyone read the directions?”

By: Peg Councill and Carole L. Haines

Some time ago our remote needed to be replaced so one was ordered. After a few attempts by family members to get it working, my daughter piped up saying “Has anyone read the directions?”
I believe the proper response here is, “Duh!” because no one had. We dove right in without reading a word of that “How to do guide,” included with our purchase. Of course, we got the remote to work easily after following her advice, and reading those directions.

What about each of us as we go thru the various situations and challenges of everyday life? Do we automatically attempt to get things to work on our own, or do we take time to seek wisdom, by reading the directions provided for our daily lives in The Word of God. His Word declares:

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”
(Psalm 119:105 NASB)

The book of Proverbs alone is full of directions to guide us through both the small and great things we face in our day to day lives.  His Word is filled with many followers of God facing and overcoming seemingly impossible challenges. So, as we face each day, filled with both familiar and unknown obstacles or challenges; let’s not jump right in and try to do it on our own, but let’s go straight to The Owner’s Manual. Let’s ask God and seek His Word to learn what THE LORD has to say. He created us and only He knows what is best.

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