The importance of context

Okay, so I was reading  through some Scriptures today and found a few that really highlight the dangers of taking Scriptures out of context and using them for our own ends.  It demonstrates, with much humor I think, How much we all want to be right sometimes, and to what lengths we will go to get there.

1) I’m good, no need to change here.  

Scripture to use out of context:

“By the grace of God, I am what I am…”

2) When we screw up big time and want to apologize, while still excusing ourselves

Scripture to use out of context: (2 Corinthians 12:11)

“I have made a fool out of myself, but you drove me to it.”

3) When we have said some things we regret

Scripture to use out of context (2 Corinthians 11:23)

“I am out of my mind to talk this way.”

Now I am in no way recommending that anyone use these ( although I bet some of you have, or are now tempted too.)  I just thought it was too funny not to point out.

We all know we must keep God’s Word in context the way God intended it to be.  Just a little sly humor to spice up your day.  If you choose to use these, you didn’t get them from me.

and remember…They’re all Biblical.  Have a wonderful Day.  Laugh often





By: Carole L. Haines


I don’t know why so many associate the color blue with sadness

It’s  my favorite color

The color of sky, which colors the lakes

And oceans a fabulous blue or turquoise

Blue is the color of hope to me

After being under a gray misty cloud of

More than a week of rain

Blue is the color of “This too shall pass”

Like the sky letting me know,

“I’m still here!”

Hope springs forth in blue.

Purple seems to be joy

Red seems to be excitement

Yellow…happiness, of course

Orange just looks like it would taste good

But now blue…blue is the color of Hope

Perhaps people associate blue with sadness because of the music

Blues music, singing me the blues

Stuff like that, who knows

But after this horrendous week of cold drizzly rain

To wake up and see even patches of blue shining through

Sent a spine tingle of relief through my whole being.

Perhaps that is why Blue is my favorite color of Christmas lights too.

It reminds me of God’s unfathomable love

He knew before the foundations of the world that we would screw things up

Yet He made us anyway

God created His object of love

And then stepped down into their world to die

In our place, to redeem the human race

I was born… to be born again

Born to be transformed

Born again into a Living Hope

I was born into a blue world of hope

On Thanksgiving day 1963

 Yup…Blue is good

The Space Between

The space between

Overcoming fear is huge for many of us, including myself.  I could tell you of three times in particular where I was stalked and God’s protection rescued me.  These three incidents happened many years ago from my teenage years to my early twenties.  I had not experienced that fear in a very long time, until a few weeks ago.  Within a 24 hour period, God protected me from disaster.  

I was traveling home and heard a screeching sound behind me, I saw a car swerve sharply, directly behind mine.  The car the flipped over, hit the guard rail and went flying off into the woods.  i pulled over to the shoulder so I could back up and check on the person, but many other cars pulled over behind me to do the same.  I couldn’t maneuver, so I thought I’d go and turn around to check, but by then, traffic was jammed up. It was an “objects in mirror are closer than they appear,” moment.  It seemed surreal because I saw it all happen in the rearview mirror.  I couldn’t find documentation of the accident anywhere in the news or online.  I wanted to see if the person was okay.

Next morning, I decided to walk my dogs at a local park, as usual.  There is always a gatekeeper to check ID’s, so only members get in.  This particular morning there was not.  I went in anyway, and decided fear was not going to rule me.  I parked and walked to the wooded path.  A black car slowed and was watching me.  I was cut off from my car.  Absolutely no one was around.  I wondered if I should walk, or go back.  The car moved on, so I decided to walk.  I saw no signs of anyone until I came out of the woods by the water.  A man was coming toward me.  I maneuvered to the right, up a hill, off the path to avoid him.  He went to his left to cut me off.  I went back down the hill and under a bridge, he followed.  I  realized I was in trouble and walked as fast as I could with my dogs to my van.  He followed me, still far enough away for me to get there.  He limped a bit, so it was easier to get away.  I got to my car and unlocked it, put the dogs in, got in and locked it again.  My heart was racing.  I was afraid he’d follow me in his car so I got out of the park as fast as I could.  I watched all the way home, and took detours, to make sure he wasn’t following me.  God had protected me again.  “Unless the Lord had helped me, I would have settled in the silence of the grave.” Psalm 94:17

In counseling the next week, we prayed for God to deliver me from the fear that had come back based on those incidences.  My counselor asked me to envision being there again, both in the car, and walking.  She asked if I saw Jesus anywhere protecting me.  I didn’t.  I had seen Him before, in other prayer times over past trauma, but not this time.  Then I got a sense of, “I am the space between.”  I opened my eyes and told my counselor that god had showed me that He was the one occupying the space between myself and harm.  He kept the car from hitting me, and He kept the man from catching up to me.  

I will never forget this.  We prayed through Psalm 91 together to close.  Here is some of what it says.

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my god and I trust Him.”

It is a great Psalm to read often.  i know I have read it a lot since that day.

God bless your day

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