Heralds of Spring

Daffodils stretching toward the Sun, Crocus blooming in colors bright, Birdsongs I haven’t heard in months, these are the Heralds of Spring.  I think I’m part Bear, because when Winter comes, I just want to curl up in a dark warm place and await the arrival of Spring.  I hate the cold, but I know it is so necessary for so many things.  For the last two days, I have sat out in the Sun for a half hour or so, basking in its warmth.  The feel of it on my face is invigorating.  It’s like my skin comes alive.  I can understand why flowers open up at the touch of the Sun, so do I.  And I could tell, about two weeks ago, that the angle of the Sun had changed.  The Shadows across my back deck are shorter, the Sun is brighter, stronger, warmer; hence it beckons me come.

In heaven, Christ will be our Sunshine.  There will be no more need of Sun and Moon.  This is written in the book of Revelation.  Christ will be our source of light, our source of warmth, our source of hope in heaven.  And if we choose to sit under the Light of His Word, as He is the Word of God made flesh, who came down and dwelt among us; if we bask in His Light while still here upon the earth, so much the better.  It seems every time I open up the Word, there is some little gem that God gives me, sometimes many.  He pours them into my lap like treasure.  I feel so blessed.  FatherGod, thank You for Your Living Word, Jesus.  Thank You for the light He gives to illumine the dark places.  Thank Your for Our living Hope, Jesus, who heralds the things to come.  Thank you for Your Seal of Promise, The Precious Holy Spirit, who guides us in every way and reveals truth to us from Your Word.  Surely we are hemmed in on every side by Your love.  Bless you, Father, and may our lives bless You as a freely given, precious, sacrifice of Thanksgiving to our Lord of Hope, the true Herald of Spring, Jesus Christ. 

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