the God who loves us first


By: Carole L. Haines

Leaning out my window, night sounds fill the air

Mountain breezes bless me and I am so aware that

I love you, God, I love you

What good gifts that you give

Cricket songs and farmland ponds

And happy children whims

I love you, God, I love you

Your grace it knows no bounds

Your love searches deepest fears and shame

And cleanses wounds, makes whole again

Gazing at the sky with random clouds and hidden stars

Moonlit fields and shadowlands

Remind me who You are

I love you, God, I love you

I know you loved me first

You fill me with such thankfulness

And joy pours from my heart

It matters not that I’m understood

Or loved by someone else

For the God who made the heavens

And who hangs the sun and moon

The God who paints the sunsets

And sends rain from afar

The God who sings to children

And grown-ups with child-like hearts

The God who hangs nights curtain

And leads forth all its’ starry hosts

The God who kisses laughter

And counts each tear I cry

This is the God who loves me

Yes, Insignificant I

Whose love is written not in stars

But in a bloodstained wooden cross

A broken body and tear-stained face

with hammer and nails as His tools of Grace

I love you, God, I love you

And with each remembering glance

Of Calvary’s bloody battlecry

And Gethsemane’s piercing lance

You loved me most, and love me first

And loved me to the death

You loved me to resurrection

You loved me to new birth

Your love is written on human hearts

Your love was offered first

And I love you, God, I love you

You demonstrated Yours

As you laid down your life, once for all

I now offer mine in course,

Lead on My God, lead on

To people who need to hear

Of the God who cares, the God who calls

Of The God who loves us first

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