signs of life

ImageImageThey’re back.  Our precious and beautiful heralds of Spring are back.  I saw six of them this morning together, pecking in the front yard as I drove by.  I don’t like winter.  I love snow, but I hate cold, and this Winter has seemed especially long and cold to me.  But when I saw those precious  beauties, hopping around, looking for seeds, my spirit soared.  I seem tied to nature somehow,  like, as the weather goes, so go I.  When it’s harsh and cold, I shrivel up, curl up, like a bear in a cave, wanting to hibernate.  When the sun’s warmth shines on me, I begin to open up like a Spring flower.  Anyone else feel that way?

Ever been in a time of deep loss, confusion, or depression.  The bottom has fallen out, and there seems to be no end to the onslaught, the fallout just keeps coming and coming.  Winter can feel like that.  We have winter’s in our lives too.  But so much beautiful good is happening in the Winter, unseen, undetected, beneath the surface.  Roots grow deeper, seeking warmth and water.  Rest is enforced upon the natural world, and so it is with our spiritual winters.  We curl up, and I think we are supposed to.  There are heralds of God’s springtime in our lives. Angels are God’s heralds, there are many stories of their tender reaching out to God’s people.  His Word brings us renewed hope everyday, and the sound of His praise pouring forth from the lips of His people.

I heard my beautiful Spring birds outside my window twice this week, sounds I have not heard in months.  And I hear the voice of God within, speaking His Word to me.  reminding me of His faithfulness, His constancy, His unchangeableness.  I prayed with two lovely Sisters the other day, and we shared a deep burden we each had.  They hit the nail on the head for me.  “Carole, you need to trust God, you need to be released from this fear.”  They said.

How true, This fear inside me, is like a long and lonely Winter.  It lies to me, and tells me that God has forgotten me, that God is not taking care of me, that God is not pleased with me.  Fear speaks a language all its own.  But God’s Word, God’s love casts fear out.  And so I sit before His Word, and I hope, and I wait, and I rest, and I watch to see how He will work this time.  Spring is on the horizon,  I see signs of life with in me, and signs of life outside.  May the Lord bless each of you with His hope in whatever place you may find yourselves today.  Winter is passing, Spring is on the move.  God is working in the deep.


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