Jesus didn’t mind being interrupted

And so I find the world is pressing in again upon my solitude

the walls are crumbling all around me and I am found by them, wherever I try to hide.

But should I be hiding, should I be trying to escape the world?

What would Jesus do?

So I watch Him in His Word, and find that He is always available to the people

Even when He is weary and tired and hungry…He ministers to those around Him.

The woman at the Well, The man born blind, Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene

These all came to Him at inopportune times.

One climbing a tree, One when He was tired, one even interrupted His dinner

Crying out to Him, calling for Him, ministering to Him.

Jesus didn’t mind being interrupted.. so why do I?

I guess I’m way too self-focused, My God and Father.

I see that I must decrease so that Christ increases in me and through me.

“For me to live is Christ…”  that’s what Paul said

But it seems I’ve allowed myself to get into a mode of

For me to live is________________, fill in the blank.

I’m sorry, My God and King, for forgetting why I’m here on this earth
I’m sorry for not being grateful for all You have done for me

I’m sorry for being annoyed with people instead of being open and caring…as You are

Jesus, make me like You, more and more like You, everyday Like You.

This I pray, This I pray today.

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